Our Mission:
To Spread Hope
Our Vision :
The Assembly exists to create Spirit Empowered enviroments 
where people can:
Receive the Hope only found only in Jesus Christ,
Grow in that Hope,
and ultimately Share that Hope with others.




Our Values
We Love Unconditionally
We love God with our whole being, And we love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves
We Pursue Passionately
We are so dependent on God’s Presence and Power, that we purpose to live our lives passionately pursuing each. When we gather together we will not be reserved or religious! We will passionately pursue God together!
We Pray Constantly
We know that nothing we are called to do will be possible in our own strength, so we commit to pray about everything and in every situation, trusting that prayer will lead to God’s Supernatural blessing and guidance in our lives and ministry.
We Give Generously
We give of our time, talents, and treasures with reckless abandon, because we recognize everything we have is God’s. Therefore we give it to Him to use as He pleases, and thus discover that as I give back to Him He blesses my life in ways I never imagined possible!
We Honor Intentionally
We intentionally honor our leaders, as well as, each other. Recognizing that a culture of honor brings both unity and blessing to our church!
We Serve Faithfully
We recognize our part in the body of Christ is important to the overall success of the church and therefore we take our responsibility seriously enough to do it faithfully and to do it well.
We Dream Extravagantly
We serve a God who can do more than we can imagine. Therefore we refuse to dream little dreams. We dream dreams that are bigger than our resources and reality and then we watch our God bring them to pass!!!